David Hilty - Fundraising & Sales

David Hilty - OV Fundraising & Sales

My name is David Hilty and I'm with OV Fundraising, a family owned business that has been providing printed, screen-printed, and embroidered materials to schools, organizations, and businesses for over 20 years, and we want to help you with your next fundraiser!

We make fundraising fun!

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Maybe you've never done an apparel fundraiser and it sounds a little more complicated than chocolate, popcorn or hoagies. I can promise you that we make it as simple as possible…probably even simpler than those fundraisers. Or maybe you have done apparel fundraisers and your experience has been less than ideal. Have you suffered through slow turnaround time? Boring designs? Poor customer service or communication? Confusion when it's time to hand out the orders? As a local, family-owned business, our commitment to you is to eliminate these problems and provide you with a worry-free, fun-omenal fundraising experience!

Custom Online Stores

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Each group gets their own custom online store and all orders are placed through the store. No money to collect, no forms to keep track of, and each group leader gets access to live sales data from the online store. You can see EXACTLY how your fundraiser is doing at any given time. Your job? Simply promote your online store. And we even provide you with a store flyer that can be copied and handed out to help you promote the store. The flyer includes a QR code so that people can go directly to the store from their mobile devices!

  • No money due to get started
  • Custom designs using your colors and logo for screen print, embroidery and DTG
  • Large variety of apparel products
  • High end prints available with our DTG printing
  • All orders are placed online - your group handles no money or order forms
  • Make 25% profit on most items (slightly less on sizes 2XL and larger)
  • Offer multiple screen print designs
  • Embroidery for hats, polos, pullovers and outerwear
  • All orders are sorted and bagged individually
  • Online access for live sales information

High Quality Apparel

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Your supporters will get a high-quality item that they can use over and over to show support for your school's team or club. Look, I like chocolate, popcorn and hoagies as much as the next guy, but they're gone within a day or a week of the sale. Why not provide your supporters with something they can use for YEARS? All of our fundraising products have lasting value long into the future. Custom apparel is in high demand and your supporters will look great promoting your team, school or cause. And prices are reasonable. T-shirts start at $15, sweatshirts at $25.

Items available include:

  • Basic and performance tees and sweatshirts
  • Coats and jackets
  • Stickers and car decals
  • Polos
  • Door Mats
  • Frosted Mugs
  • Joggers and sweatpants
  • Pullovers, outerwear and headwear
  • Baseball hats and knit hats
  • Duffle bags, tote backs and accessories
  • Skinny Tumblers, frosted and coffee mugs
  • Blankets and hundreds of additional items
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If you have any questions, please give me a call at the number below or fill out the form below. We can have your online store up and running in a week or less.

Thanks so much for your time and I look forward to working with you on your next fundraiser!

David Hilty - Fundraising & Sales for OV FundraisingMobile: 724-986-5510Email: david@ovfundraising.com